Title Author Description Year
White Noise White Noise A new instrumental rock-blues trio: Paolo Amulfi (guitars), Fabio Casentini (drums) 2021
Stairway to Bach AB&C (Attesti-Bozorius-Cucchi) J.S. Bach in prog/jazz 2020
Cyber Tracks Bozorius A Funk, Modal Jazz and R&B salad with Electronic dress 2018
Confessioni di un Musicante Malandrini in Folk Omaggio alla musica di Angelo Branduardi 2018
Olio di Cacao Tamanduà Brazilian music - Production mastering and some bass tracks 2015
TOP of the POPS M.I.L.K. Lounge Productions Relaxing smooth music, production & carrying out 2014
Make it a Sunny Day Dario Napoli Contemporary jazz manouche - sound engineer, bass & production 2014
The Legend of the Holy Circle Three Monks Classical prog - Electric bass, sound engineering & production 2013
The Wild Cat Ranch sessions Bozorius & Bluestorm Mainstream Blues - Upright & electric bass, lead vocals, composer, arrangements, sound engineer & producer 2013
I'll Be Waiting Paolo Amulfi Vintage rock, electric bass on tracks # 5 - 6, executive producer. 2013
Ten singles CoZmic Cafè 10 singles, various pop styles - Lead vocals,electric bass,guitars,keyboards,programming,sound engineer & composer (enough ?) 2012
J.S.Bach: Two Part Inventions For Electric Bass Bozorius Classical prog - Electric basses, sound engineer, producer 2011
Gypsy Bop Dienne Manouche (Dario Napoli) Jazz manouche - Upright bass, sound engineer & producer 2011
Neogothic Progressive Toccatas Three Monks Neogothic classical prog/rock - Electric bass, arrangements, sound engineer & producer 2010
Panic Attack The Blues Collective Blues Rock - Electric and upright bass, acoustic guitars, lead vocals, composer, arrangements, sound engineer & producer 2010
Alquimia Tamanduà Brazilian music - Upright bass ( on two tracks ), sound engineer & producer 2010
Design Carlo Colombo Jazzy songwriter - Upright & electric bass, sound engineer & producer 2009
Our Favourite Friends The Sultans ( of Swing ) Swing jazz - Double bass, sound engineer & producer 2008
Liberamente Tratto Aleandro Baldi Italian pop music - Electric & upright bass, guitars, arrangements (with M° M.Pezzola), sound engineer & producer 2007
Jazz Handle Lene Riebau Jazzy R&B - Upright bass on two tracks, executive producer 2007
Bozorius Bozorius Jazz Fusion - Electric bass, double Bass, compositions, arrangements, sound engineer & producer 2006
Playboy Carlo Colombo Jazzy songwriter - Upright bass, sound engineer & producer 2006
Canto perchè non sò nuotare...da 40 anni Massimo Ranieri Italian pop music - Upright bass on two tracks 2006
Vinyl Festagroup Jazz fusion (from analogic tapes of the eighties)- Electric bass, composer, producer 2005
All The Things We Are The Sultans ( of Swing ) Mainstream jazz swing - Double Bass, composer, sound engineer & producer 2004
Strings Festagroup World jazz - Electric bass & composer 1991
B&W Montreux Compilation Festagroup Jazz fusion - Electric bass (one track) 1989
Montreux Live Festagroup Jazz fusion - Electric Bass, composer & producer 1988
Congo Square Festagroup Jazz fusion - Electric bass, composer 1987
Svegliarsi un anno fa Raf Italian pop music - Electric bass on two tracks 1987
Fiordaliso Fiordaliso Italian pop music - Electric bass on two tracks 1987
Singing Our Songs Gatti, Giusti, Forti & C. Mainstream jazz - Electric bass 1981
La Valle Della Luna Gatti, Giusti, Forti & C. Contemporary Jazz - Electric Bass 1980
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